5 Tips for a Successful Waterproofing Installation

When water leaks through adjoining ceilings or wall, it will destroy all other finishes, and this can be a real mess. This is the reason you need to fix such a soon as possible.below are tips for successful waterproofing installation.

1. Prepare your surface adequately

This can be done by ensuring the surface to get waterproof installation is clean and dry prior application of the membrane. This is to provide the surface easily accept the bond to be applied.

2. Check out pitches for effective water evacuation

Ensure you have the right pitch before you proceed to apply the membrane. It is recommended that proper pitch is a quarter-inch for a foot away. Additionally, your pitch has to carry via the tile surface for it to be effective and to avoid birdbaths and depressions.

3. Apply the correct membrane thickness

Since membrane as to undergo some form of absolute pressure, then it is crucial to observe that the right thickness is applied. Such thickness is approximately thirty miles. Mark you, when you apply this membrane it should be approximately thickness of a credit card. Additionally, whatever method you use when applying the membrane, make sure you achieve a continuous and smooth film. By any chance, you observe a hole in the first application of membrane, be sure to cover it in the second application until you seal the hole.

4. Give adequate time for the membrane to dry

One of the common mistakes we do is no allowing the first coat of membrane to dry before application of the second coat. It is recommended to enable the membrane to sufficiently dry because they take different time to do so. When it is relatively cold, it takes a longer time to dry as compared when relative humidity is higher.

5. Choose the right mortar

When installing a waterproof membrane, be sure to use the correct mortar while making installation over a waterproof membrane. The layer usually tends to repel water, and so you have to use strong chemicals bond to let your tiles to remain well-adhered when the membrane is contracting and expanding

With the above tips on successful waterproofing installation, you will be able to do it without any difficulties – read article on basement wall waterproofing systems.